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Terms & Conditions:                                                                          

1.  Payment Terms:                                      

i\     100% cash in advance .
ii\   Should you required any extension AFTER EXCUTION OF THIS OFFER, same terms & conditions remain valid.OTHERWISE FURTHER VALIDITY CONFIRMATION IS TO BE OFFERED.

2.     Rates are exercised Sutrac premises (F.O.B), one shift a day (10 hours per day)

3.     Standby time rate at 50% of the actual rate whereas it self does not exceed one operating day for each week in rental.

4.    Transportation to be quoted separately, two ways are to the customer account, for Rental Duration more than one month to be Shared by Sutrac & Your good selves, first trip to your account.

 5.    Our offer includes service & operator.

6.     Food & accommodation for operators are to customer’s account.

7.     Wear parts (GET / Undercarriage) are invoiced separately

8.     Damages to tires, lights, glass, and paint are invoiced separately, if not covered by insurance.

9.     Minimum rental period is one month.

10.   Penalties will be applied on late rental payments.

11.   For check in/ check out procedures,Rental day ends at 14:00 pm. late machine delivery will be charged.

12.  Rental rates do not include fuel or costs of governmental or other permits required for the operation of the equipment in certain location or time.

13.   All rentals are made subject to the terms and conditions of Sutrac Rental Agreement, as applicable and the customer will be required to sign the applicable agreement prior to receipt of the equipment.

14.   prior notice of (7) days is required before delivery, if machines are available in store when order, lead time will significantly be reduced. Fuel and Permits Terms & Conditions.