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Valtra in short :

Valtra Inc. develops, manufactures, markets and services Valtra tractors. Valtra is the leading tractor manufacturer in the Nordic countries and the second most popular brand in Latin America. The company has manufactured tractors since 1951, but its historic roots reach back until 1832.

Valtra tractors are built in the most advanced factories in the industry at Suolahti, Finland, and Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil. Valtra tractors are now sold in over 75 countries worldwide. Valtra is a worldwide brand of the AGCO Corporation, the third-largest manufacturer of agricultural equipment in the world. Learn More

Valtra Inc.'s management is located in the Suolahti tractor factory. Also Product Engineering, the Customer Support Organisation and one of Valtra's central spare part depots are located on the factory grounds.

T Series

The next generation Valtra T Series has been designed to meet the needs of today’s professional farmers and contractors. The T Series combines the traditional power and strength of Valtra tractors with the unparalleled versatility offered by Valtra’s customer order system.

139 - 211 hp

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N Series

The new Valtra N Series models range from 88 to 152 horsepower; the most versatile 4-cylinder tractors in their class. The tractor’s long wheelbase makes it particularly stable and ideal for front loader operation.

88 - 160 hp

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A Series

Valtra’s light and nimble A Series tractors are well suited for all kinds of farm work. Their small size, compact build and manoeuvrability are clear advantages at crop and cattle farms as well as in forest and municipal work.

74 - 98 hp

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3000 Series

Valtra 3000 series provides a Vineyard and Orchard tractor for vineyard, orchard and coffee estate applications and a Compact tractor as a light duty tractor for normal operations.

52 - 76 hp

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